Workout Woman



Workout Woman

"Believe in your abilities, value yourself, and know that you are strong."

As a qualified Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Nutritionist, I want to help you unleash your inner superhero and find your strength within.

I know what it's like to feel unhappy, unhealthy, and unfit, because I've been there. In 2015 I was at my lowest ebb, and still carrying baby weight even though my youngest was now 5. I felt devoid of any identity; like I was merely a mother and not a person in my own right. I felt devalued, lost, unhappy with how I looked, and very alone. I committed to an online workout programme and joined a Facebook community of women all following the same plan. Four years later, I am living my best life, loving who I am, and helping people like you to become the best version of themselves.

Whether you want to shift that baby weight, run a marathon, gain more confidence, or learn how to eat well, I can help. I offer a range of packages, from 1:1 Personal Training, to online plans. I also teach Insanity Live (Total Body HIIT) and P90X (Total Body Strength) classes in Weston-super-Mare.

Contact me today to see how I can help you smash your goals. Subscribe to my weekly email for free fitness and weight loss tips, plus an exclusive Just Strong workout clothing discount.

What I Offer

  • 1:1 Personal Training
  • Nutrition Plans
  • Couples or Small Group PT
  • Online Workouts
  • Online Coaching and Nutrition Plans

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