So who is Becky?


As a child, I was always very fit, with lots of swimming, hockey, and running. When I became a teenager, I swapped sport for musical theatre, going on to study theatre and performance at university. I was very slim, but very unhealthy, surviving on lots of alcohol and late night take-away, and keeping slim by smoking vast amounts and not eating during the day. It was a very poor way to live, and I'm thankful that marriage and babies came along before I could do permanent damage.

Like a lot of women out there (and fellas, let's not discriminate), I settled down and with that settlement came a steady weight gain. Three pregnancies later, and not only was I unhappy with my body composition, I was also unhappy with myself. I felt like I was of little to no value other than as a mother, and my self-esteem was at an all time low.

After a holiday to France which saw me hiding my stomach and legs in all photos, I decided to get fit. That was my initial goal; lose a bit of weight and tone up. I started with home workouts, and yes, I got fitter, but actually I gained a whole lot more. My confidence improved massively; every time I found I could lift more weight, or when I managed to complete a move I couldn't do. When I could wear a fitted top and not worry about my stomach, or when I found my arms were now strong and defined.

Strength became my primary focus, and my passion for being strong and encouraging others to follow led me to change careers and qualify as a fitness instructor and then a PT. I love teaching, whether it's in a class or 1:1 situation. I love helping others develop confidence, improve their mental well being, and overall fitness as they become strong. Fitness is a very personal thing, and everyone has different goals. As a PT, I work with clients to pinpoint their own specific goals and then we set about achieving them.

I like to think my life is a musical. I will sing and dance at any given opportunity, you have been warned.

My Favourite Things...



My kids (yes, third on the list)

My family and friends

My cats




Wine and gin



Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer

Strong First Kettlebells certified instructor (SFG1)

Pre and Post-natal exercise and nutrition

Nutrition for Sport and Exercise

Nutrition for Weight Loss

Level 4 GP Exercise Referral

Circuits, Core, Functional Fitness and TRX qualified instructor